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Larry Rowbs Adventure: Educative Sustainable Fashion is the first eduventurous game in the fashion industry. It is both - adventurous and educative. This mixture of a fun learning experience crossed with a fast-paced runner-like game delivers a unique twist. Players earn scores and rewards in the field by completing a range of lessons that expand their understanding of the fashion and recycling industries. You will get to learn the benefits and harms of different materials, pollution statistics, and a lot more - really valuable knowledge - as you embark on adventurous missions like redirecting dump trucks to recycling plants, etc.

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Our goal is to make fashion sustainable - one step at a time. To solve the social hazards and environmental harms caused fast fashion, the Larry Rowbs Foundation will be starting a full-scale clothing facility to recycle the fashion waste into brand new and 100% biodegradable products. The proceeds from the recycling facility will be used to start a FREE of cost sustainable fashion school for people to learn about sustainable practices in fashion industry.

This game is the first step we are taking to be able to get the word out about the depths and harm of fast fashion and to be able to raise funds for our main recycling project.


Larry Rowbs Adventure will be playable on mobile devices through the Google Play Store and Apple's iOS App Store, as well as on PC through Steam.

Coming soon on Google Play StoreComing soon on Apple App StoreComing soon on Steam

Who should play this game?

Our primary focus is on Generation Z, ranging from ages 9 to 30, as they represent the demographic most inclined to purchase fashion products, contributing significantly to landfill waste. We aim to reach millions of individuals through a game designed to raise awareness and educate them about sustainable fashion. We plan to achieve this through social media campaigns, physical advertisements, and posters distributed across schools, churches, mosques, and various communities and nations.


To reach our goal of engaging million players in this game, we anticipate requiring a modest investment for advertising, various types of posters, seminars, and other promotional activities. To facilitate this, we've chosen to launch the paid version of the game on the Kickstarter platform. This strategy aims to generate a substantial amount of funds to support our promotional efforts. To execute this plan successfully, we seek funding in the range of $20,000 to $30,000. These funds will be allocated towards hiring crowdfunding experts and advertising budgets. With their expertise and established audience or backers, we aim to raise a target of at least $300,000 and beyond.

Production Team

Larry Rowbs Foundation


Development Team

Dominic Barbuto


Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

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